Thanks to All!

As a 40 plus year member of LiUNA Local 1001 I have seen a lot, been thru a lot both personally and as a member of this great Union.

Over time just like with most everything else the freshness and enthusiasm can wear off and admittedly it has done so with my dreams and dedication for our Union.

For the first time in history Local 1001 put it out to the membership to take a survey on what candidate they would support, and the participation, although the time period was very short, was great.

Just two weeks ago our Union decided to get into the Mayor’s race here in Chicago and endorse Lori Lightfoot.

Within 48 hours of that announcement, at our Monthly Membership Meeting, the members began stepping up and had a huge presence at the Lightfoot rally on that same Sunday.

I was there and honestly was overwhelmed by the crowd of orange in the room, including Lori Lightfoot herself sporting a Local 1001 orange windbreaker that one of your e-board members had given to her.

And just a few days later the number of volunteer members who I witnessed at the Local 1001 office to phone bank and the number of members of volunteers who signed up on line was amazing to me.

This past Saturday the great members of Local 1001 showed the strength of our Local Union by coming out to one of Lightfoot’s rally’s in Pilsen, again a lasting impression on everyone who was able to be there and I was proud to stand with all of you.

And I would like to also mention the hundreds and hundreds of members who supported this Local Union, Lori Lightfoot and the other Aldermanic Candidates in this election cycle by coming out to vote for our candidates.  All of you were amazing.

You have inspired me to continue on with the freshness and enthusiasm that I had over 40 years ago for this Local Union and its members.

I am proud of each and every one of you and I promise the energy and spirit you have revived in me will continue to motivate me to best serve this great Union of ours.

We’re Union and We Ain’t Going Nowhere!


Thanks to all of you from a proud 40 year Local 1001 member.

Bob Chianelli