Job/Bid Announcement Traffic Maintenance Supervisor DSS

Job Number 346406


               BID ANNOUNCEMENT


This position is covered under the City’s collective bargaining agreement with the County, Municipal and Foreman Local 1001.  (BARGAINING UNIT 54).  Only employees in City job titles in this bargaining unit are eligible to bid on this position.  





Number of Positions: 1

Under general supervision, supervises the installation of traffic control devices; and performs related duties as required.


  • Coordinates and supervises the installation and maintenance of temporary parking restrictive signs and \temporary barriers/barricades to control the flow of traffic/crowds on city streets
  • Prioritizes work orders and prepares schedules for installation crews
  • Monitors the locations of work crews and assigns emergency orders to crews nearest the work site
  • Maintains radio and phone contact with work crews, supervisors and other departments to coordinate activities and supply deliveries
  • Inspects work sites to ensure the proper placement of signs and barricades and to ensure that crews work effectively and efficiently
  • Makes recommendations regarding the purchase of new equipment for use by installation crews
  • Monitors inventory levels and reorders when materials and supplies are low
  • Oversees and participates in the assembly
  • Instructs employees in new installation methods and operational procedures
  • Reviews and maintains activity reports submitted by work crews on the installation of traffic/control devices
  • Tracks and reports all costs for manpower and materials on all events and daily operations
  • Oversees the input and closeout of service requests regarding postings
  • May assist installation crews in loading and unloading traffic control equipment

NOTE:  The list of essential duties is not intended to be inclusive; there may be other duties that are essential to particular positions within the class.

 Location:  1717 W. 39th Street

     Hours:  Varies


Minimum Qualifications:

Two years of experience in the installation of traffic control devices, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.  A valid State of Illinois driver’s license is required.  Some positions may be required to obtain Local 1001 Iron Barricade Certification. 

This position requires a Local 1001 Iron Barricade Certification.   Must be able to obtain Local 1001 Iron Barricade Certification within 30 days of date hired.

NOTE:  This position requires the ability to lift up to 60 lbs.   

NOTE:  You must also provide your valid U.S. Driver’s License at time of processing.

NOTE:  You must also provide transcripts or diploma at time of processing, if applicable. 

NOTE:  To be considered for this position you must provide information about your educational background and your work experience.  YOU MUST include job titles, dates of employment, and specific job duties.  (If you are a current City employee, Acting Up cannot be considered.)  IF YOU FAIL TO PROVIDE this information at the time you submit your application, it will be incomplete and you will not be considered for this position.  There are three ways to provide the information: 1) you may attach a resume; 2) you may paste a resume; or 3) you can complete the online resume fields.   

Education & Employment Verification – Please be advised that if you are selected to be hired you must provide, upon request, adequate information regarding your educational and employment history as it relates to the qualifications of the position for which you are applying.  If you received your degree internationally, all international transcripts/diploma must be accompanied by a Foreign Credential Evaluation.  If the City of Chicago cannot verify this information, any offer extended to you will be withdrawn and you will not be hired. 


This position requires applicants to successfully pass a skills assessment test and complete an interview that will include a written exercise.  The candidates that receive a passing score on the skills assessment test will be invited to interview for the position.   Candidate(s) receiving a passing score on the test and possess the qualifications best suited to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, based on the oral and written parts of the interview, will be selected in seniority order.  Test results will be sent out by the Department of Human Resources Testing Division after test results have been analyzed and compiled.

Evaluation:  Your initial evaluation will be based on information provided on the application form and documents submitted with the application.  Applications must be submitted by the individual applicant.  No second party applicants will be accepted.

Residency Requirement:   All employees of the City of Chicago must be actual residents of the City as outlined in 2-152-050 of the City of Chicago Municipal Code. Proof of residency will be required.  

If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation due to disability or pregnancy in order to participate in the application process, please contact the City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources, at 312-744-4976 (voice) or 312-744-5035 (TTY). Please be prepared to provide information in support of your reasonable accommodation request.


The City of Chicago is an Equal Opportunity & Military Friendly Employer. 

City of Chicago

Lori E. Lightfoot, Mayor

*The salary is based on current rate of pay and years of service.

Please note, all positions with the City of Chicago close promptly at 11:59pm Central Daylight Time (CDT)  Applications for this position will be accepted until 11:59p.m. CDT on  TUESDAY, MARCH 9, 2021 .  No exceptions will be made.

Unposting Date: Mar 9, 2021, 11:59:00 PM BU: 54 Salary: $59,808.00 – $100,680.00 |   Pay Basis Yearly

apply online here 

A Message from LiUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan

January 18, 2021

Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of an America, in which all people are measured only by their character and by their actions, is more urgent than ever.
As we approach the national holiday honoring his legacy, the scourge of racism and extremism remains all too alive. We need only look to recent events in our nation’s Capitol to see confirmation of the deep chasm between our highest ideals and deepest flaws.
I, however, continue to share Dr. King’s conviction that the “arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” We must not stand idly by waiting for others to do the work for us though. It’s up to each of us as strong, proud, and united trade unionists and defenders of the rights of working men and women to work harder and faster to bend that arc. We must make our unions bigger, more active and stronger so the uplifting and equalizing power of collective bargaining contracts are available to all. We must speak out clearly, loudly and unequivocally against bias, bigotry and racism whether it is in our community or in our halls of power, from statehouses to the Halls of Congress and the White House.
We can make Dr. King’s dream real so that every American, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, wealth or the lack of it, has equal rights and equal opportunity. But we have to act to achieve his dream.
On behalf of myself, General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E. Sabitoni, and the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, I ask you to join me in continuing to fight for the legacy of Dr. King and his vision of a better America.

2021 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarships

Applications are now available for the 2021 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarships. Each year, the CFL awards 10 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarships to high school seniors, five to the winners of the Academic Competition and five to the winners of the Random Drawing. The scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, may be used at any accredited college or university in the United States. Click here to learn more about the 2021 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, applications will only be accepted electronically. Completed applications must be received by the Chicago Federation of Labor by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021. Either the applicant or the applicant’s parent must be a member in good standing of a CFL-affiliated union. 
Please visit to learn more, and thank you.
In Solidarity, 
Bob Reiter

A Message from LiUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan

A Solemn Salute to Our Armed Forces

Whether challenged by a health crisis, economic struggles or political strife, there is one steady, constant and true strength in the United States and Canada: the honor, courage and integrity of the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces.

On this Veterans Day and Remembrance Day we salute our veterans. Their achievements and sacrifices – tens of thousands of them LIUNA members and loved ones of LIUNA members – are for our safety and protection. To protect our freedom and democracy, veterans have lost time with their families, spending countless days far from home. Many have been wounded, taken prisoner or made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

Time and time again they have answered the call for Americans, for Canadians and for people around the world. To truly honor and respect our veterans, it is up to each of us to fight to ensure that when they return home, they and their families have access to health care and economic opportunities. Too often, veterans are struggling to meet their basic needs when their service ends.

On behalf of myself, General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E. Sabitoni, the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, and each of the half-million men and women of LIUNA, I thank the veterans in our lives, in our union and in our countries. We are in their debt.

DSS Transfers Open!


Transfers are open for DSS Laborers/General Laborers and RCC’s. All transfers must be submitted online by November 30, 2020. The link to the City transfer site is available on the Local 1001 app and in the forms section of the Local 1001 website.








A Message from LiUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan


Labor Day is Our Day

On this Labor Day, more than ever we must lay claim to the holiday and all that it stands for: recognition of the working men and women whose sacrifice, struggle and sweat has always carried us from challenge to triumph and moved our nations forward.

Through wars, recessions, depressions and pandemics, it has been workers and their unions on the frontlines, and no one has been more willing than the strong, proud and united members of LIUNA across the U.S. and Canada.

LIUNA members have risked their livelihoods and even their lives for justice, honor and strength for all workers, and we continue to do so today. It is LIUNA members and all essential workers who keep our economy afloat in these historic, turbulent times.

Labor Day is a time to reflect and commemorate all that has been accomplished. It is LIUNA members who continue to build and maintain North America despite the COVID-19 crisis. It is LIUNA members in the federal and public sector, in healthcare and those in the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, who continue to go to work every day, to serve the needs of our communities, our states, our provinces and our countries.

On this day, we must also recommit ourselves to fight against the anti-union, anti-worker forces of evil that threaten both unions and the middle class. We must combat efforts to gut our pay and benefits, push back on so-called right-to-work laws and the dismantling of the Davis Bacon Act. It is also imperative that we protect the right to negotiate in the public and private sector and fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

As always, may every LIUNA member feel the power, be the power and use the power! On behalf of myself, General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E. Sabitoni and the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, I wish you and your family a safe, meaningful and well-deserved Labor Day.

Emergency Travel Order Update

Last month, the Chicago Department of Public Health issued an Emergency Travel Order directing travelers entering or returning to Chicago from states experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases to quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within the state.  This included both Chicago residents returning from travel to a designated state, and travelers arriving in Chicago from a designated state.

The list of designated states is updated every Tuesday and goes into effect that Friday.  As of this Friday, August 28th, the following states and U.S. territory will be covered under the Emergency Travel Order: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. Additional information on the Emergency Travel Order, as well as the regularly updated list of designated states, can be found here:

City employees, like all residents and visitors, are subject to the Emergency Travel Order.  If an employee travels to a designated state, they are required to quarantine for 14 days upon return. The following guidelines apply to City employees returning from travel to a designated state:

  • If an employee’s position allows them to telework, they should continue teleworking as normal during the quarantine period.
  • For employees who cannot telework:
    • If the employee was traveling before the Tuesday that the state was added to the list of designated states and returns to Chicago within 1 week of that designation, quarantine time will be covered under the COVID-19 Sick Leave Policy Addendum, which means that the employees will not have to use his or her time to cover the quarantine.
    • If the employee began their travel after the Tuesday that the state was added to the list of designated states or does not return within 1 week of that designation, the employee may use leave time granted under federal regulations related to COVID-19 if the employee is eligible for such leave, or their own benefit time, including regular sick or vacation time, to cover the quarantine.
  • If you need to travel for emergency reasons, such as medical treatment or a family funeral, you should notify your HR staff of the need to travel prior to traveling and provide reasonable documentation supporting the need for the travel.  In such cases, your quarantine time may be covered under the COVID-19 Sick Leave Policy Addendum.

Please contact your department’s HR staff with any questions.

Thank you for your continued compliance with the Emergency Travel Order and for all your efforts to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Census Day at Work!

City employees who complete the Census on or before August 17th can enter the drawing, and one person in each department will win an extra day off. Winners will receive an additional administrative leave day, which must be used by 12/31/2020 and cannot be carried over or paid out. Winners must follow their department’s normal rules for requesting a day off. All entries must be received by midnight on August 17, 2020.

Click on the flyers below to get started!Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 6.35.50 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 6.26.22 AM

Chicago tree trimmers show during a destructive storm why there are none better

Chicago Sun-Times

Aldermen have accused city tree trimmers of being “inefficient,” but on Monday and Tuesday they responded to 925 emergency complaints in less than 24 hours.

Last month, Ald. Scott Waguespack, 32nd, was quoted by a local newspaper as saying: “We maintain an inefficient tree-trimming system, lose trees due to disease and opaque removal processes, and reinforce long-standing inequities in the delivery of city services.”

Waguespack was piggybacking on a 2019 report by City Inspector General Joe Ferguson that said the city could save up to 60% on the average cost of trimming a tree. Waguespack and Aldermen George Cardenas, 12th, and Samantha Nugent, 39th, want to create a board to run a better forestry program.

So where are the aldermen now? Here’s a novel idea: How about the three of them take a walk out their front doors and look at the devastation caused by Monday’s storm. Maybe talk to their constituents. Who has been out there cleaning up their wards?

Must be the men and women of those “inefficient” city crews. Right, aldermen?

Men and women who have been working 16-hour days. Who have been using heavy, high-powered chain saws, chippers and lifts to cut and remove trees blocking streets all across the city. Who are exhausted but still on the job because they are dedicated to the city they live in and work for.

That’s right — every one of them lives in Chicago. They are not out-of-town contractors who have no stake in the city except on pay day. And, speaking of that, maybe someone should explain to the aldermen how the union that represents these men and women won the work several years back because city forestry workers come substantially cheaper than any private contractor.

Monday’s storm created more than 3,600 emergency tree requests. All city forestry crews were on deck well into the night. Men and women who have families waiting for them to come home safely. Men and women who have been at work every day since the pandemic began because they are deemed “essential workers” by the city and therefore not covered by the federal Family First Coronavirus Response Act, which all forestry contractors are.

In other words, these Chicago workers could not receive paid time off to care for family members and children out of school.

While many other people have been on pandemic lock-down, these Chicago workers have continued to report to work and do what they do best, serve the residents of Chicago. And on Monday, like on every other day, they did.

That’s right, aldermen, these inefficient city tree trimmers responded to 925 emergency complaints in less than 24 hours, though they were understaffed and exhausted.

Instead of criticizing them, maybe you should be out there thanking them. Maybe you should stop playing politics with people’s lives. And if this truly is about money, then do your homework — no one is cheaper and better at what they do than the City of Chicago tree trimmers, period.

Give them the resources and manpower they need and deserve and they will show you why they are the best in the business.

Thanks to all the city tree trimmers. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Keep up the good work and be safe.

Bob Chianelli
Assistant Business Manager
LiUNA Local Union 1001


A Message to All City of Chicago Employees


With more of our colleagues and partners returning from telework, we remain committed to maintaining the safest possible work environment and doing our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 while keeping our recovery on track. With the City of Chicago having entered Phase IV of its reopening plan (Gradually Resume), the pandemic continues and it’s easy to get complacent. What will keep us safe as a city is continued vigilance and strict adherence to the policies we put in place to keep both you and our residents safe.

Stay home if you are sick 

Please, please, please, stay home if you are sick. The City’s COVID Sick Leave Policy Addendum remains in effect, and if you have symptoms of COVID you will not be required to use your own benefit time to remain at home. Few actions are more important to stop the spread of the disease than staying away from work if you are ill. Additionally, if you have been tested for COVID because you have symptoms or due to a known exposure, you should remain at home until you have received a negative test result.

Practice Social Distancing and wear a mask 

As you know, a face covering must be worn at all times when entering City facilities and within all common areas within City facilities. This includes conference rooms, break rooms, hallways and elevators. A face covering may be removed while alone in an office or at a workspace that is separated by at least six feet from any other individual. This mandate applies inside all City facilities

This requirement has been phased-in with an emphasis on education, but enforcement will be stepped up. Any employee found in noncompliance of the mask requirement may be subject to discipline. The bottom line is all City employees should plan on wearing a mask or other appropriate face covering while at work. We must set an example for the public who rely on us for guidance, as well as a source of reassurance in what remain very uncertain times. The City distributed cloth face masks to all personnel in April, and has since distributed additional masks as a courtesy. For more information about the effectiveness of face coverings in slowing the spread of COVID-19, as well as how to create one at home, please visit:

For employees who interact with residents, rest assured that the same requirements are in effect for members of the public entering our buildings to receive services. No individual will be allowed into a City building or facility without a proper face covering and they must follow social distance protocols.

Additionally, in-person meetings are still strongly discouraged, and any meeting that can be held virtually should be held online.

Each department has its own social distancing plan and COVID safety officers who will continue to make sure we stay safe while at work.

Emergency Travel Order 

On Thursday, July 2, Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady, M.D., issued an Emergency Travel Order directing travelers entering or returning to Chicago from states experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases to quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state. This policy applies to City employees. I know many of you are planning travel and summer vacations. Please be safe and smart and stay away from the states on the list. If you travel to one of those states, you will be required to quarantine upon your return, and with limited exceptions the City will not provide COVID leave for the period of quarantine. Please contact your HR staff with questions, or if you have an emergency that requires a trip (i.e. a funeral) before you travel.

We have been working diligently with department heads, union leaders, public health officials, and experts in the field to ensure that the safety and well-being of everyone at the city remains paramount.  You have a big part to play in our response. We value and appreciate all that you do for the city and its residents, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to make sure you stay safe while delivering the critical public services that our residents depend on.

Maurice Classen | Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor 

LiUNA GP Terry O’Sullivan Statement on the Passing of Congressman John Lewis

Washington, D.C. (July 18, 2020) – Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – made the following statement today:

Today, with the passing of Congressman John Lewis, we have lost an icon, a legend and an American hero whose actions created an irreversible tide for justice that continues to seek higher ground to this day.

Congressman Lewis was the very definition of courage, tenacity, and integrity. When he stood with a new generation of fighters for civil rights and voting rights on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965, he awakened the conscience of our country and spurred the passage of the Voting Rights Act. Despite bullwhips, barbed wire, teargas, and a billy club that fractured his skull, and despite all the injustices rained down upon him and his brothers and sisters, he sought no refuge in bitterness. He was bigger than hate, and while he would forgive, he never backed up and never backed down, and he would never forget the struggle for justice and equality.  Throughout his career Congressman Lewis inspired millions and became the moral authority of our Congress and of our nation.

During the 1963 March on Washington, long before arriving in Congress, John Lewis was the youngest of those who spoke to the massive crowd. His voice was among the most urgent and was telling of the challenge our nation faced and continues to face. “Wake up, America, wake up,” he said. “For we cannot stop and we will not be patient.”

Every LIUNA member, and every American owes Congressman Lewis a debt of gratitude that we must repay by effectuating the changes he fought for his entire life. We must now all commit ourselves to the ‘good trouble’ that Congressman Lewis led with grace and tenacity. May his family be consoled, and may he rest in peace, and his eternal presence continue to be the best example of the soul of our nation.

Important Quarantine Information if you are traveling!

Below is the City of Chicago Employee policy update concerning non business related travel.

Any employees who are subject to the quarantine because they departed the state on or after Monday July 6, and subject themselves to quarantine upon return, must use their own benefit time or take an unpaid leave.

For city employees in transit as of Midnight Monday when the order becomes effective, the City will provide COVID leave to returning employees during the period of their quarantine provided that such employees return to the city before Monday July 13.

Tragic loss of a member, a friend, a mom.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.01.17 PM

Over this past weekend we tragically lost a member, a friend, a mom, Hortencia Guerrero. Her smile and joyful spirit helped so many get through our sometimes difficult days that we all have on the job.

We ask everyone to remember her and her daughter who was also injured in the horrific accident in your prayers. We will miss your smile Hortencia, RIP.


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all of the hard working LiUNA dads that make our Union Proud.

To all the LiUNA Local 1001 dads who are the coaches, mentors, leaders in our neighborhoods, wards and city,  we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

Keep up the great work both on and off the job, you’re strength and dedication to your family, community and your Union will continue to move us forward.

City of Chicago Employee Support Services

To all City Employees:

The past three months have been challenging for everyone – whether balancing childcare and working from home, working on the front lines with residents, or in the field maintaining critical infrastructure and services, concerns about our health and the future have weighed on many of our minds. And recent weeks have brought new and different challenges and anxieties – it is a difficult time for the country, our City, and for us as public servants. 

 Following are resources that are available to all City employees and may be helpful during this time:

  • The City’s Employee Assistance Program offers professional mental health services at no cost to City of Chicago employees on an individual and confidential basis. These services cover a wide range of personal concerns, including stress, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, and family conflict, as well as referral to financial counseling resources. More information can be found here on the City’s intranet, by calling 312-744-9711, or by emailing
  • In addition, NAMI Chicago provides a free, confidential Helpline at 833-626-4244. The Helpline offers help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can connect you with over 700 resources specific to your needs. Additional information can be found here.
  • Employees enrolled in a City of Chicago healthcare plan have access to mental health support services under the HMO and PPO benefits plans offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Details regarding these services may be found in the attached benefits summary document.

We hope that these resources are helpful to you and we greatly appreciate your continued service. Your health and well-being are important to the City and to the residents that we serve every day, and the work that you do is even more essential during these difficult times. 

A Message from Mayor Lightfoot to City Employees

City of Chicago Employees: 

These past few days have been among the most challenging our city has ever faced. Our Chicago family has gone through–and continues to go through–a range of emotions. First was the shock, grief, and anger at the murder of George Floyd. What is most heartbreaking is the clear evidence that America’s original sin, slavery and the oppression of the Black body, persists today, not insidiously or secretly, but openly. 

Then came the desire to speak up, speak out, to raise our voices against this injustice, and to make the world hear our righteous indignation. As I said earlier in this evening’s State of the City address, we know that the anger on our streets isn’t just about George Floyd. It’s about Laquan McDonald, Rekia Boyd, Jon Burge’s victims, the 1919 race riots, Fred Hampton, and the countless other victims of state violence against Black people. It’s about racism, intolerance, and brutality here in our own city over decades; issues that motivated me to run for mayor and ​that I was elected to address. I, like all of you and the many peaceful protesters who came out over the past few days, share a heartache and a thirst for change.

Then came the sadness, heartache and fear at seeing our city ripped apart by the relatively few among the crowds who perverted this moment to their criminal aims. No one has the right to do what we are seeing in our city. No one can burn our homes, wreck our livelihoods and wreak havoc. We saw officers injured, storefronts smashed and looted, cars burned, property vandalized, people shot. This is criminal conduct that sets back our collective work to build a better and more inclusive city. I cannot stand by and watch that happen.

But through it all, I have tremendous pride in seeing how you have risen to this moment. Our police officers have performed honorably and professionally in the face of heinous provocation, putting themselves at great personal risk. Our Fire Department has been working around the clock saving lives, homes, and businesses. Streets & San and CDOT workers have been out in the streets alongside them–deeply involved in the response. OEMC, CTA, CPS, BACP, DOB, and more; I am so proud that you are part of our family and that I get to call myself your mayor. 

But the emotions I feel most deeply, at the root of my soul, are resolve, determination and commitment to making sure we come out of this crisis a stronger and better city. Working together, we will restore our wounded neighborhoods, fulfill our commitment to meaningful reform, and confront the entrenched legacy of racism head on. 

Tomorrow, we will move into phase three to Cautiously Reopen our city and on June 8, we are on track to reopen many of our city services. I’ve attached a press release with the latest transit guidance as many of you return to work over the next several days. Right now, what we need is for our businesses to reopen and our employees to get back to work in a way that is supportive to both their health and their safety. And as with everything we do, we need to do with equity and inclusion as our North Stars.

Loving this city means showing up to protect our neighbors, our businesses, and our values. The arc of the universe only bends toward justice if we work together to dismantle these systems of oppression and build a better tomorrow. I am eager to continue building with you.   

Thank you,

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot