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TO:          LIUNA General Executive Board, District Councils, and Local Unions in the United States

FROM:   General President Terry O’Sullivan

DATE:    July 15, 2016

RE:          Congress Feels the Power of LIUNA – U.S. House Vote on Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wages on Construction Projects


This week, the U.S. House of Representatives felt the power of LIUNA when they voted on an amendment, introduced by Steve King (R-IA), which would have prohibited the application of prevailing wage laws – the Davis Bacon Act – on federally assisted construction projects. The proposal, which threatened the wage rates and livelihoods of LIUNA members nationwide, was defeated.

Every voting Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives and 54 Republicans opposed this terrible amendment.  Below are the vote totals, by party, of those members of the US House of Representatives who voted with LIUNA and opposed the amendment along with the list of absentees for your information.  It is the relationship that all of us have established with these Democrats and Davis-Bacon Republicans that enabled us to defeat this amendment. Please make sure to thank those Members of Congress that once again stood with LIUNA.

HR 5538: Fiscal 2017 Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill – Davis Bacon Wage Requirements

July 13, 2016 – House Roll Call Vote 448

The King amendment would have prohibited funds from being used to implement or enforce the prevailing wage requirements under the Davis-Bacon Act.


Rejected by a vote of 188-238:


Yeas    Nays    Not Voting


Republicans     188      54        4


Democrats         0          184      3



Young, D. (AK-AL)
Cook (CA-08)
Denham (CA-10)
Hunter (CA-50)
Valadao (CA-21)
Curbelo (FL-26)
Diaz-Balart (FL-25)
Jolly (FL-13)
Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27)
Bost (IL-12)
Davis, R. (IL-13)
Dold (IL-10)
Hultgren (IL-14)
Kinzinger (IL-16)
LaHood (IL-18)
Roskam (IL-06)
Shimkus (IL-15)
Bucshon (IN-08)
Upton (MI-06)
Emmer (MN-06)
Graves, S. (MO-06)
Zinke (MT-AL)
Hardy (NV-04)
Heck, J. (NV-03)
Lance (NJ-07)
LoBiondo (NJ-02)
MacArthur (NJ-03)
Smith, C. (NJ-04)
Donovan (NY-11)
Gibson, C. (NY-19)
Hanna (NY-22)
Katko (NY-24)
King, P. (NY-02)
Reed, T. (NY-23)
Stefanik (NY-21)
Zeldin (NY-01)
Johnson, B. (OH-06)
Joyce (OH-14)
Renacci (OH-16)
Stivers (OH-15)
Tiberi (OH-12)
Turner (OH-10)
Walden (OR-02)
Barletta (PA-11)
Costello (PA-06)
Fitzpatrick (PA-08)
Kelly (PA-03)
Meehan (PA-07)
Murphy, T. (PA-18)
Shuster (PA-09)
Reichert (WA-08)
Jenkins, E. (WV-03)
McKinley (WV-01)
Duffy (WI-07)