The city said it has been able to get a jump on the bumps, filling thousands of potholes a day in Chicago, thanks to relatively mild weather this winter.

A crew filled some potholes Friday morning at East 87th Place and South East End Avenue in the city’s Calumet Heights neighborhood on the South Side.

“When the weather is better and there is no snow and no ice, we’re able to have more crews out filling more potholes. As long as there is snow and ice out, we can’t get to them. But also when there’s snow and ice and there’s a big freeze-thaw cycle, then you will see the numbers increase. But we’ve been lucky this winter,” said Randy Conner, First Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation.

The city said it has been able to keep up with pothole repairs thanks to a January that didn’t produce much snow.

About 15 or 16 pothole crews have been sent out each day, getting a head start on pothole season, which usually comes in late winter or early spring.

The city shared some numbers Friday morning. Crews have been able to fill more than 56,000 potholes so far this year, compared to last year when they were able to fill just over 40,000 potholes.

But not everyone was pleased with the pace of the work, like Michelle Parks. Her car was in the shop because of a pothole.

“I took the train today because my car hit a pothole and busted my tire. I hit it so hard that it hit something underneath my car,” Parks said.

There were some nasty spots down Lake Street near Carpenter Street in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Drivers did their best to avoid them.

CLICK HERE to see a live feed from the city’s website, showing all of the potholes that have been filled in just the last seven days.

The city said if drivers want to report a pothole, they want to hear about it. To notify them, call 311, text “Chicago” to 311311 to begin the reporting process or visit The city also said those calls are down 18 percent compared to 2015. People can track other service requests HERE.