One of our very own visits WGN News


Our brother Randy Mosby from the Northwest grid recently shared a wonderful experience with us.

It seems one of the residents that lives on Randy’s route wanted to thank him for the great job he does week after week in cleaning up his alley. The resident wanted Randy to know how grateful he was for the hard work he does and after walking down the alley talking he asked Randy if he had any children. Randy responded he had three kids and two God Kids.

The resident said “wonderful” and asked if they would like to be guests on the WGN News? Randy was shocked and couldn’t believe he was serious but the resident said he worked for the station as a cameraman and he would love for Randy to bring his family to the studio for a night of fun.

Randy couldn’t turn down such a unique opportunity and took the resident up on his invitation. At the station they met everyone from the WGN Evening News and got a chance to take photos.

Randy will tell you he is famous for telling his fellow laborers that if you practice right it will find you, and then you can see wrong coming.

One of the highlights of the evening was when the resident introduced them as his new family.

This is just another great Laborers Local 1001 story that may go unnoticed but we are proud to say you are our brother Randy Mosby, keep up the great work .