JOB NUMBER: 266763
Number of Positions: 10

NOTE: These positions are SEASONAL, working from December through March in the Department of Streets and Sanitation’s Overnight Parking Ban Program. Work hours vary beginning after midnight, five days a week, with varying days off.
Drives a city vehicle, patrolling an assigned route to enforce the city’s regulations restricting parking on city streets, checking for vehicles parked in designated no parking / tow zones during snow.
Writes and issues citations/tickets for parking violations as required.
Works with tow truck drivers to coordinate towing operations, ensuring tow trucks return to appropriate route locations.
NOTE: Employees may be required to work additional hours or shifts when necessary to clear street vehicles impacting snow or emergency operations.
Location:  Varies
Shift:   Varies
Days Off:  Vary beginning after midnight
Two years of clerical work experience OR two years of work experience in enforcing or inspecting for compliance license requirements, parking regulations, federal and state laws or local ordinances, OR an equivalent
combination of experience. Must have a valid U.S. Driver’s License.
Posting Date Oct 24, 2015 | Unposting Date: Nov 8, 2015
BU: 54
Salary: $52,836.00 | Maximum Salary: Pay BasisYearly