Munger says Rauner should give up union attacks

By Eric Timmons – Quad-Cities Online

Gov. Bruce Rauner should give up his attacks on unions to help agree on a budget with Democratic lawmakers and end the spiraling crisis in Springfield, Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger said Friday.

At the root of the impasse in Springfield is Gov. Rauner’s insistence that any budget deal include a series of reforms – some of which would undermine unions – that many Democrats oppose and argue are not related to the budget.

Asked if Gov. Rauner should stop targeting unions during a news conference in Moline Friday, Ms. Munger, said, “I don’t think it’s productive, I think we’ve got to work together, personally.

“I don’t think it helps to pit people against one another, to be completely honest,” she said. “I believe we need to be all working together to solve the problems in Illinois.” read more……