Rauner backs off on budget prediction

By Monique Garcia, John Byrne and Rick Pearson – Chicago Tribune

The governor made that pitch again Thursday during a stop in downstate Quincy, saying a budget could be done within the next 60 to 90 days “if for no other reason that Chicago needs help.”
“I’m not going to do a bailout, but I’ll help Chicago solve its own problems by giving them the power to do it, but only if Chicago is helping us get reforms at the state,” Rauner said.
Pressed on Friday whether that meant Emanuel had promised to push his agenda in Springfield, Rauner was more cautious.

Among the issues is Rauner’s proposal to freeze property taxes while allowing local governments, including school boards, to decide what benefits are collectively bargained with teachers and other public workers. Rauner says it’s a matter of local control that would allow cities such as Chicago to drive down costs. Democratic leaders have rejected the plan, saying it’s a way to drive down middle-class wages.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday reiterated that there are parts of the governor’s agenda he can support and others he won’t.

“As I’ve said before to the governor, I’m not going to agree to right-to-work, I fundamentally, on principle, don’t agree with that, so I won’t support you,” Emanuel said in Chicago.

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