Tell the DOL you support overtime protections

President Obama took a step to safeguard more working people’s time and money by directing the Department of Labor (DOL) to update the rules governing who’s eligible for overtime.

Before the rule is finalized, the DOL is looking for comments from people like us to hear how we feel about the new rule. We’ve already generated thousands of comments, and we need more before the comment period ends on Sept. 4.

The laws protecting workers’ time and money have been steadily eroding since before I was even born. Forty years of steadily rising costs and the poor decision making of previous administrations have left lots of today’s working folk struggling to make ends meet. But this is our chance to help turn all that around for millions of Americans.

Make sure the DOL hears from you and demand it strengthens overtime regulations for America’s working people now.

Click here now to tell the DOL you support strengthening overtime protections.