A Message from General President Terry O’Sullivan – Workers Memorial Day

April 28, 2022

Safe Jobs Now!

Each year as April turns to May, we commemorate Workers Memorial Day in the U.S. and the National Day of Mourning in Canada, followed by May Day. We remember those killed, injured and sickened on the job so their names and memories are not forgotten and their sacrifices may help highlight the importance of improving job site safety. And we salute those who gave their lives more than a century ago during the May Day struggles for fundamental respect and rights for working people.

In addition to the thousands of workers who have been victims of hazards, 1 million Americans and Canadians have now perished due to COVID-19, many of whom contracted the disease in the workplace. All too often working men and women have been exposed to unnecessary hazards and told that is the price of having a job. And, all too often, workers have been told to take it or leave it and are denied basic rights, including the right to join together in a union.

The strongest weapon against dangerous jobs and repression of rights has always been our union cards. When we are united, we are strong and proud, we have the power not to take it and not to leave it – and we are victorious.

On this Workers Memorial Day and on May Day, let us unite anew to strengthen our union and win the struggle for safer jobs, for workers’ rights, for civil rights and for human rights. Let us fight for the day when every job is a safe job and every worker has undeniable basic rights and freedoms.

May you always feel the power, be the power and use the power!