About today’s vaccine mandate announcement


Dear Brothers and Sisters,  

The proud strong members of LiUNA Local 1001 have been working day in and day out throughout this entire pandemic putting their safety and health on the line to keep Chicago running and I want to thank each and every one of you.  

This Local Union, along with our brothers and sisters from across the labor movement, have been working since day one of this pandemic to protect our members by fighting for safety procedures for everyone.  

There are opposing views and beliefs about the benefits of vaccination but I do not believe that punitive mandates will significantly increase the number of our members who will choose to be vaccinated. On the contrary, I believe it will have the opposite effect and dishearten the men and women who have kept this city functional for the past 18 months.

In reality there have only been a couple of meetings with the City concerning this issue and I am  hoping this vaccination policy can be resolved through continued discussions and negotiations, and not public communications.

Local 1001, along with many of the other unions, have strongly expressed to the City that any vaccination policy must include not only medical and religious exemptions but also testing alternatives.

I promise to do what I was elected to do and that is to stand with our members and demand they get the respect to make their own choice on this very serious and personal issue.  

In Solidarity,

Bob Chianelli