COVID-19 Update for DSS

Your Union has been working with DSS to ensure the health and safety of our members since the announcement of the severity of the COVID-19 virus. In an effort to address some of the repeated concerns of the Union, DSS will be sending the below information out to the Grids today. We asked DSS to address the lack of places to eat, the use of personal vehicles, 10/7’s and the crowded swipe rooms.

Below is the information being sent to all Divisions by DSS.

  1. For those employees that are coming to work, let’s encourage them to bring their lunch to work. Many locations that our employees would frequent are no longer accessible.
  2. If approached, you can allow that employee to drive their own vehicle to a check point. they are still expected to swipe in and out, sign in and out at the district. If the vehicle is the clean and safe place they want to eat, we should allow that. We should monitor any employee driving to make sure they are not abusing this privilege.
  3. In regards to 10-7 breaks, we want to be mindful that it may take a little bit longer to find somewhere to use the restroom.
  4. We should allow all persons the opportunity to separate themselves from a crowd by sitting in their vehicles until it’s time to swipe in or out.