Stop IRAPs Now!


Over the last few weeks you may have seen or heard about protecting the Apprenticeship Programs for all trades, including the Laborers’.

Right now, there is a big push to let non-union organizations establish apprenticeship programs, called IRAPs.

So as a Local 1001 member what does that mean to you?

First and foremost, we are all LiUNA brothers and sisters and we MUST stand together and support each other in the true meaning of UNION.

If these non-union organizations are successful they will be able to supply apprentice labor at a much lower rate of pay and benefits, which in turn will affect ALL of Union labor across the board.

How will this affect you? You may not be an apprentice but your rate of pay whether prevailing wage or not can and will be at risk.

Even those in Sanitation must realize that a lower wage for prevailing rate means a lower wage for the non-prevailing rate members. Our success in getting the rate we currently have for the non-prevailing rate is based on the prevailing rate, if that rate goes down, as it will with the IRAPs, then all of us can expect to see a reduction in wages and benefits.

This is not only an outside, or construction issue, this is an issue that ALL of us MUST ACT ON NOW!

Sending an email right now to the Department of Labor will let your voice be heard. And it will literally take you less than a minute to do.

We only have until August 26, 2019, to tell the DOL that IRAPs are not good for us or our Union brothers and sisters and MUST be stopped.

Please don’t wait a minute longer, go online and take a few seconds to protect your wages and benefits now.

We have also included a link our our app to take you directly to the LiUNA comments page. Please Click Here or go to our app now!