Local 1001 Endorses Lori Lightfoot for Mayor!


Laborers’ Local 1001 has officially endorsed Lori Lightfoot for Mayor of the City of Chicago. After taking many factors into consideration, including the membership’s input, face to face interviews and written responses with the two remaining Mayoral candidates, Local 1001 proudly announces our endorsement of Lori Lightfoot for Mayor of the City of Chicago.

Our members are the backbone of this great City of ours and we feel that Lori Lightfoot is the best choice to create additional job opportunites, protect our pensions and continue to support our partnership with the City of Chicago to protect our work and to expand the possibility of capturing even more work for the future.

We need you to help support Lori Lightfoot by asking your family and friends to vote for her and we ask you to show your support by volunteering whatever time you can at one of the various campaign offices by filling out our volunteer form.

Let’s make Lori Lightfoot the next Mayor of the City of Chicago.

Please click here to volunteer for Lori Lightfoot now!