Men and Women of LiUNA Local 1001 thank you!

To all the citizens of the City of Chicago,

My name is Bob Chianelli and I am a proud 40-year member of LiUNA Local 1001, right here in the City of Chicago.
My brothers and sisters of Local 1001 are the proud, dedicated, hard-working men and women who keep your airports clean and safe, your streets and sidewalks repaired, trim your trees, pick up your residential refuse and a myriad of other essential services for the City of Chicago.
Today I am personally grateful to each of these men and women who, unlike any of the private contractors, came out and serviced your airports, streets and alleys, as they do each and every day.
That is correct, those men and women were out there all day today, in the record setting cold, working to service you, the citizens of the City of Chicago.
Our members often get a bad rap for nothing more than being City workers but after today no one, and I mean no one, can question their dedication and commitment to their job as a City employee.
What they do each and every day mostly goes unnoticed but on days like today and tomorrow, when even the post office has suspended mail delivery, our men and women are out there doing what they are better at than any private contractor in the world.
So, if you see my brothers and sisters out in the dangerous cold doing their job under the worst conditions imaginable remember they are out there for you and I could not be any prouder of each and every one of them both as their brother union member and as a citizen of the City of Chicago.
Men and Women of LiUNA Local 1001 thank you for all that you do.