Prevailing Wage/Area Standard information

The Chicago Laborers’ District Council is the umbrella organization that services the 15 LiUNA Local’s in the greater Chicagoland area.

Your Delegates to the District Council are a part of the team that negotiates the prevailing wage/area standard rate for positions covered under current prevailing wage laws.

As your Delegates, it is their responsibility to ensure the “outside” benefits are maintained at the best level possible by supporting your brothers and sisters on the “outside” and at the same time making sure the members of Local 1001 are represented to the fullest.

Just a FYI, these benefit funds are not the same as the “City” benefits funds, the Laborers’ on the “outside” have different pension and benefit funds which are administered by both labor and management trustees.

Your Delegates, along with all the other Delegates of the Chicago Laborers’ District Council, have done a pretty good job of keeping these funds healthy and in fact in the “green” zone for some time.

With that, the “outside” laborers covered by the prevailing rate this year will see a $1.52 per hour increase on their checks as will our members who are covered by prevailing wage.

There were times your Delegates have had to make difficult decisions such as taking a zero on the check two consecutive years, in order to make sure our brothers and sisters on the outside have benefits such as pension and healthcare. Fortunately, this decision was the exact opposite.

It’s always great to be able to achieve an increase such as this but there have been sacrifices to get here and a lot of hard work by both you and your brothers and sisters of the Chicago Laborers’ District Council to make our Union as strong as it is today.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.

LiUNA Local 1001 Feel the Power!