We Do Not Negotiate in the Press

Contrary to what the City of Chicago is attempting to do through third parties, Local 1001 will not be dragged in or put in a position to debate our positions and the value of our members, in the press.

We are well aware, as well as every taxpayer who benefits from the outstanding service our members deliver to the city each and every day, of your dedication to your work.

In the extreme heat, in the bitter cold, rain, snow, you the members of Local 1001 serve the taxpayers of the City of Chicago at a fair and reasonable rate for the outstanding services you perform.

We will not let the City try to influence your negotiating team by its use of these third parties, who are doing nothing more than trying to drum up support in an effort to diminish what your Union has built.

This is not the first time your negotiating team has seen this type of tactic during negotiations, it will not change our positons or our dedication to our membership.

Your team has years of experience, and the faith and trust you exhibited on May 20, 2017 gives us the motivation and support to show the City that Local 1001 is not going to buy into the BS that they are selling.

We will continue to negotiate the best possible contract for all of our members and keep the newspapers where they belong, in the recycling garbage can.

Below is just one of the recent articles we are referring to.