The value of the hard working men and women of LiUNA Local 1001 extends far beyond what their normal every day job duties are. And the following is just another stunning example of what we our membership does.

On an early morning while brother Randy Mosby was servicing one of his units Ms. McKellvin wandered out of her home in a daze after just finding her disabled son deceased.

Brother Mosbey observed her walking in a state of shock  down the block. She recalled that she was so upset that she could not speak and was only able to motion to Brother Mosbey that something was wrong inside of her home. 

He was so concerned by her condition that he went into the house to try and find out what was wrong and immediately called 911.

She was so moved that Brother Mosby stayed with her and consoled her until help arrived that she personally called the Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation’s office to commend him for going above and beyond his duty as a Sanitation Laborer of the City of Chicago.

She stated Brother Mosby was her guardian angel that day and wanted him to know how much she appreciated what he did for her and her family. She said she will never forget his act of kindess. 

We are proud of Brother Mosby’s actions and so many of the regular day in and day out things that our membership does which often goes unnoticed.

Keep up the great work everyone, LiUNA Proud!

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