Construction Company cuts wages across the board

By Bill Miller – Teamster Local 89 Political Staff

Without prevailing wage scale, a central Kentucky Construction Company this morning reduced the pay from a $23.00 an hour job to $15.00 an hour and non-scale jobs that pay $15.00 dropped to $11.00.

The workers were told that the hotel allowance will be eliminated and will no longer paid by the company and the worker can pay the hotel allowance out of the $15 and $11 an hour. 15 employees quit on the spot. I assume they will be going to union states to work if they can find a job.

This should be a wake up call for every member of our great LiUNA Local 1001. 

That is a 35% pay cut for previaling wage scale, that is what Right to Work can mean for us, if we let this happen in Illinois. 

We are on an island and we have to work together to preserve and protect what we are so fortunate to have. 

We must be and truely are, stronger together as LiUNA brothers and sisters.