Near Record Cold Cannot Stop the Men and Women of Local 1001

With temperatures just one degree shy of a record, a chilling -13 recorded at O’Hare Airport this morning, right about the time the hard working men and women of Local 1001 were getting up to report to work.

By 7am the temperature had risen to a balmy -7 and ultimately hit +16 when most of the work was done for the day.

Schools were closed or delayed opening, flights were cancelled but you, the hard working men and women of Local 1001, were out there doing your job and getting it done no matter how brutal the weather.

That is why we are proud of each and every one of you, because of you we can say we have the best group of Public Employees in the country and we just wanted to say “Thank You” for not only what you did today but for what you do day in and day out for our city and your Union.

Great job today everyone, stay warm and stay safe!