The Year in Review – 2016

2016 in many respects has been a good year for us even though we have suffered some political setbacks in late 2016.

Local 1001 has seen a good amount of movement for our membership and we hope to continue the momentum into the new year.

With the capturing of the cart repair work from the private contractor we saw an influx in positions into the Cart program along with over 90 interdepartmental transfers in Sanitation during 2016.

We were able to negotiate an overall reduction of seasonal layoffs in CDOT raising the cutoff date in Concrete from 2002 in 2015 all the way up to 2011 in 2016, a pretty significant step forward for our new brothers and sisters. In addition we saw, for the first time in recent history, the layoff in the Asphalt section limited to only the seasonals who were hired in the past 6 months.

And with the help of our Brothers and Sisters at Local 1092 we were able to place 12 seasonal Concrete Laborers, who would have otherwise been laid off, into temporary positions at the Department of Aviation for the winter season.

We have also seen the rewards of the General Laborer program and how it has not only created good entry level positons for our new brothers and sisters but it residual effects on how the City addresses vacancies in Local 1001’s jurisdiction. The Mayor himself has crowned Local 1001 the fastest growing Municipal local in the City. This year we have seen over 180 new hires and promotions in our Local. Including: 90 General Laborers, 20 Asphalt Laborers, 15 Concrete Laborers, 15 Foreman of Concrete, 10 FVI’s, 5 Dispatchers Concrete, 5 Laborers Transportation, 5 Airport Operation Supervisors, 4 Asphalt Foreman, 3 RCC’s, 3 Sanitation Clerks, 1 General Foreman Asphalt, 1 Foreman Bureau of Electricity, 1 Field Service Specialist II, 1 Training Agent and more.

So as you can see 2016 overall has been a pretty good year with a total of almost 300 combined, transfers, promotions and new hires in our Bargaining Unit.

But our work is far from over, with a new President being sworn in shortly and our own Contract negotiations coming up, along with our prevailing wage fight, public employee bargaining rights challenge and the myriad of anti-union anti-worker organizations out there, we will have our work cut out for us in 2017.

With your help and the understanding that we must ALL work together to keep this Local Union moving forward, we are confident 2017 will be another positive year for Local 1001.

Happy Holidays to you and your family for all of us at your LiUNA Local 1001 family!