Well today is the day, November 8, 2016.

If you have been waiting for the last minute to decide if you were going to come out and vote, that minute has come!

Contrary to what some people would like you to believe YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT.

Our members should know more than anyone that yes, one Vote does count.

Too many of us sit on the sidelines and are the armchair quarterbacks when it comes to politics.

Today our world as we know it may be changed, it’s your right, hell it’s your responsibility to your family and yourself to make sure you come out and vote in today’s election.

Not only are we electing a new President of the United States, we are shaping the future for the youth of this Country by electing Union Labor friendly candidates at ALL levels.

Our next President and Senate will appoint and approve the Supreme Court Justices who will shape our Country for the next generation.

Your Vote will decide if our future has hope for Labor or if we will be under siege like in no other time in history.

Your lack of voting is just as harmful as voting for the slew of non-labor, anti-union candidates at the state and national level.

Today, not tomorrow, not next time, TODAY we need you and everyone you know in your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, to come out and VOTE!

There are No More Excuses, VOTE TODAY!

If you need a list of endorsed candidates simply use your smartphone and go to the Local 1001 app, click on the Endorsed Candidates tab, and VOTE for the good of all of us!