City Testing Automated Trash Pickup

The City of Chicago is testing an automated truck to pick up it’s residential trash.

The one armed trucks, which are currently being used in several cities across the country, claim to have the newest technology and can fit in an alley with only 100 inches of width clearance.

The height clearance also has been minimized due to it’s ability to load from the side instead of the top, as most of the other trucks do.

Local 1001 has delivered a letter of objection to the Commissioner concerning the testing and use of these type of trucks and the impact they can have on service of the alleys.

Local 1001 has made it very clear to everyone, including the Mayor’s office, about the value of the men and women who keep our city clean and how no machine available today can pick up and clean up everything we do, day in and day out.

We will keep you updated as this progresses and please remember we are stronger together.