LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan rallies members in Minnesota 

In Minnesota, LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan Rallies Hundreds of Members In Last-Minute Surge of Door-to-Door Canvassing for Caucus Turnout for Hillary Clinton

“She’s tough, she’s tested and she’s a fighter for working men and women,” he tells energetic crowd

Little Canada, Minn. (February 27, 2016) – Hundreds of Minnesota members of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – converged on the Twin Cities to join fellow union members and construction workers to ramp up support and turnout in advance of Tuesday’s caucuses.

In a packed union hall under the banner of “Hardhats for Hillary,” LIUNA General President told the boisterous crowd that their work would make the difference.

“We must turn out in force on Tuesday so that the power of blue collar workers and all union workers is felt,” O’Sullivan told the crowd. “Secretary Clinton will stand with us and she will fight for us. No one will work harder to protect our jobs, wages, pensions, and healthcare. It’s no accident tens of thousands of Minnesota union members, including the hard-working men and women of LIUNA, are for Hillary. She’s tough, she’s tested and she’s a fighter for working men and women.”

LIUNA members and fellow union workers and their families knocked on hundreds of doors Saturday morning in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, delivering the message that Hillary Clinton is the working class champion the state and the nation needs.  
O’Sullivan ticked off the list of reasons Secretary Clinton won the union’s support, from her strong support of infrastructure and organized labor to her opposition to the Cadillac Tax (40% health benefits tax) and opposition to poorly negotiated trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Hillary Clinton has a plan to rebuild our country’s aging infrastructure that will make America stronger and safer and put LIUNA members to work. She is committed to fighting for good jobs building America’s energy infrastructure and security and believes in a common sense approach to addressing climate change and the need for affordable energy through the responsible development of natural gas,” said O’Sullivan.

LIUNA is among 23 national unions representing millions of working people across America that are standing beside Hillary Clinton as the most qualified and experienced candidate for president. In Minnesota, nearly 40,000 voters reside in LIUNA households.
The Minnesota event is one of many LIUNA efforts, which include mobilizations to increase support and turn-out in earlier contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, as well as in Tuesday battles from Massachusetts to Minnesota to Oklahoma.